Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Film- Bill Munns Analysis

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Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Film- Bill Munns Analysis

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    Jul 26, 2011

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Bill Munns restoration and analysis of the Roger Patterson film footage as seen on National Geographic channel.
I posted this video about 14 months ago and forgot about it. The reason i forgot is because i don't question the existence of the Sasquatch any more. I decided to go out there and look for myself. Luckily i live about 35 miles from an area known for bigfoot activity. I started finding footprints pressed into the mossy forest floor like a cookie cutter would do. I started taking pictures, lots of pictures. When i analyzed them i actually started seeing faces and legs and occasionally a torso. I was shocked when i realized that i had walked within 15 feet of them several times. I've heard them grunt, growl and stomp their feet several times. They've thrown rocks a few times but mostly have been very tolerant.So it occurred to me, after reading some of the skeptics comments, which i disabled, that perhaps these beings might just have more common sense and intelligence than most of these so called skeptics..