What We Are Building

We’re trying to build the ultimate personalized TV service.

What’s that?

A service where you can effortlessly get the channels you want, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

And a service where you directly support the channels you love -- where we help the people who make the programming you watch make a living.

We’re off to a good start with an end-to-end service and award-winning apps. Showyou is often been described as “Flipboard for video” -- that’s one fine app, so we’re cool with that -- and like Flipboard, Showyou is on Apple’s prestigious “Great Free Apps” list in the AppStore, alongside other perennial favorites from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Paper by 53, and Tumblr.

But we have much more to do. That’s where you come in.

How We Work

We have offices in San Francisco (with the best view of any office in the city, for real) and downtown Portland. Both offices are convenient to public transit, coffee and great food.

Don't live in Portland or SF, but intrigued by Showyou? Keep reading!

We have employees in three cities, we live on IRC all day long, and we get together in person as a team every regularly in Portland, San Francisco and occasionally in a cabin on the beach where we feast on awful Nicholas Cage movies. If that sounds good, let’s talk.

There’s just one thing -- people working from a remote location need to be extra-special. As our friends and officemates at Bandcamp note: “If you do not have a strong social structure outside of work [remote employment] will likely lead to obesity, depression, and an early death.” We wouldn’t want that.

Come work with us!

iOS Engineer

We're looking for an exceptional engineer with deep iOS experience to help us make one of the best iOS apps better still. You'll invent and build new features, and improve existing ones. We'll expect you to be well-versed in iPhone and iPad development, have strong points of view about what constitutes an engaging user interface and experience, and obsess about making each update to the app pixel-perfect before it’s uploaded to the AppStore for approval. And, if Apple releases a new Apple TV with an app platform, you’ll have a chance to work on our app for that, too.

We look for people who suffer from the following symptoms:

  • You have an almost irrational love of building cool new controls; pushing tables, scroll views, and collection views to their outer limits; and designing fun and engaging animations.
  • You want to chuck your iPhone or iPad across the room when you open up an app and get sub-60fps scroll performance.
  • You bust out Time Profiler and CoreAnimation instruments in your sleep.
  • You get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when your app compiles with zero warnings and Instruments complains of no leaks.

Skills & Requirements

  • Deep experience with building iOS apps and Objective-C.
  • Experience creating (and debugging) concurrent applications, strong familiarity with Grand Central Dispatch.
  • Experience with Core Animation for creating fun and performant UI enhancements.
  • Memory management. It's Objective-C after all, 'nuff said.
  • An understanding of, and better still, experience with Storekit
  • Experience with crash reports, tracking down and solving bugs in the live app.
  • Being your own QA team - we value writing resilient, bug-free (as possible), performant code, and being responsible for testing your own work is essential.
  • Experience at a previous startup or a compelling argument for why it doesn't matter.
  • Interest in, and strong opinions on good mobile app design and UX.
  • Obsession with the details.

Want to spread your wings a little? We’re a small team, so we also love (no, prefer) engineers who can grapple with the full stack, from clients to the database and beyond. Given our size and the nature of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to work on any and all parts of our service if you choose.

Bonus Points

  • Ruby (or comparable) experience, and the ability to work on our backend and internal REST API.
  • Experience with PostgreSQL or NoSQL databases.
  • An interest in and experience with data mining and machine learning.

Senior Systems Engineer

We're looking for a genuine, smart, and naturally curious engineer who can help us connect people with exactly the right videos at the right time.

We rely on a handful of core technology components: our core data platform includes extensive use of PostgreSQL, some Riak (a Dynamo-powered NoSQL datastore), and Solr. Ruby powers the web app and externally-facing services. We use Java for our internal web services and most backend processes (indexing, feed scoring, importing videos from external social networks, etc.).

We're quickly approaching 150 million videos available via Showyou, and with that comes billions and billions of signals that we collect, store, index, and analyze to get people to the right channels and right videos at just the right time.

Your responsibilities will include working with the team to discover, evaluate and put into production systems that provide insight into this data; to improve upon them, support them in a production setting, and integrate with key components of our API; and to help maintain and improve all parts of our API and back-end systems.

Skills & Requirements

  • Competence with Ruby, Java, or best of all, both
  • Experience with, if not all, most of the full full technology stack we've described above
  • A passion for building and maintaining high performance production systems
  • An ability to be both a great individual contributor and a member of a tight-knit team
  • A head for sleuthing; you formulate hypotheses, run experiments, collect data, and formulate a conclusion (or at least an opinion and plan for further testing)
  • Attention to details and a desire to deliver an incredibly high quality product to the people who use Showyou
  • A desire to work on something great, something that could profoundly change how we're entertained and informed
  • Experience at at least one previous startup or a compelling argument for why it doesn't matter

Bonus Points

  • Some demonstrable contribution to an open source project or free software -- we'd love to see what you've built!
  • Experience with Solr, Lucene, R, Weka, Mahout, Riak -- or a desire to immerse yourself in learning about these technologies
  • An interest, both practical and theoretical, in social networks, social graphs, recommendation systems, and database systems
  • Experience with Scala, Go, Erlang or interest in learning

Software Engineer, Web

Want to work on our entire service, from back-end to API to front-end apps?

This is the job for you if you like getting your hands (and fingers) on the full range of our codebase. One week you might be fine-tuning our Go- and Java-based video indexer, which processes over 20M videos a day (and 500-600 per second at peak). The next week you might be building an app for a new connected TV device or a new feature on our iOS and Android apps. And the week after that you might be building out new tools for our publishers to help them build and manage their channels on the Showyou platform.

This is a job for someone who really sweats the details, and is in love with their craft. Who loves building simple, elegant, useful experiences for all of the people who use -- people who use.

Skills & Requirements

  • Superlative programming and problem-solving skills
  • Experience with Ruby, Java, both, or an ability to learn
  • Experience with PostgreSQL or MySQL or both
  • Understanding of Linux system and network administration
  • Javascript, CSS, and HTML mastery

Bonus points if you have:

  • Sinatra or Rack Experience
  • Distributed Systems Experience
  • Experience with NoSQL databases.
  • An interest in and experience with data mining and machine learning.

Interested? Get in touch.

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